Milk moustaches and healthy animals in Malian refugee camp


‘Smiling faces and milk moustaches, three times a week this scenario is guaranteed in the refugee camp’, explains Hama Boureima Dicko from Vétérinaires Sans Frontièrs Belgium in Burkina Faso. ‘We buy milk from local diaries and afterwards we transport it to the refugee sites. It’s a way of supporting two groups at the same time: the refugees and the local woman who are in charge of the milk production.’

Edward Loure wins Goldman prize for his struggle for traditional Masaai land rights in Tanzania


On Monday, April 18th, Edward Loure received the Goldman Environmental Prize for his longstanding dedication to land rights in Tanzania. Loure, a Maasai herder himself, works for Ujamaa Community Resource Team (UCRT), a local NGO with whom Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Belgium fights for land rights of Maasai pastoralists. Thanks to their pioneering work in northern Tanzania, pastoralists now have legal certainty about their traditional access to land.

Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Belgium is looking for a new Director (m/f)


After 7 years of enthusiastic and committed work within Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Belgium, our General Director, Joep van Mierlo, has decided that it is time for a change in his career. “ I need a new challenge to keep my focus and energy,” says Joep. As from the 1st of June, he will be joining the Center for Development Innovation at the Wageningen University (his Alma Mater), in the Netherlands, where he will develop the livestock branch of the Center.

Policy brief: one health, one world?


The third policy brief of VSF Belgium is dedicated to the concept of One Health, that aims to make the links between human, animal and environmental health become more apparent.

“Beestig!” in Uganda: behind the scenes

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Those of you who visit the Facebookpage of Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Belgium regularly have probably noticed already that a camera crew was working in Karamoja, Uganda. They were shooting scenes for the VTMKzoom-show “Beestig!”. The unique – and often hilarious – sequences will be broadcast by VTMKzoom in November, but here we give you an exclusive look behind the scenes.

Annual report 2014

Annual report, Publications

Please find herewith the activity and financial reports for 2014. Each year, Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Belgium reports on its activities and projects over the past year.

Burundi: creating opportunities for the local population


On the Burundian countryside poverty prevails: 7 out of 10 inhabitants are hungry. Children are only eating a poor meal twice a day. Due to the high population density there is a shortage of fertile ground and thus food is scarce. Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Belgium wants to do something to improve this situation. That’s why we started a development program in Burundi in 2014.

Briefing note: women pastoralists’ empowerment – supporting positive change


CELEP collaborated with WISP (World Initiative for Sustainable Pastoralism), IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development and UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) in bringing out a briefing note (4pp) on ‘Women pastoralists’ empowerment: supporting positive change’. Examples come from around the world, including Eastern Africa, of how pastoral women regard their own empowerment and how this can be supported.