We want the herd of every farmer to be healthy so that his family can build a future without hunger or poverty. A wild plan? Take the bull by the horns and apply for one of our vacancies.



We are always looking for ambitious and talented interns. If you are passionate about what we do and want to help us to improve the world, then do an internship with us.

There are no vacancies at the moment.

You were not able to find the job you are looking for? Contact us, who knows, your skills might be very useful to us.

Become a volunteer

As a volunteer, you help us to improve the world. By offering your time, effort and expertise, you are an indispensable link in our team.

There are no vacancies at the moment.

You can still contact us, and we will look together for something that suits you.

Meet our team

Improving the world requires blood, sweat and tears. And expertise, patience and a lot of passion. But you get so much more in return. You make people laugh, you see how the world changes before your eyes. You see tears, and you cry along, from sorrow or pure beauty. At Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Belgium, we do not only work together, but we also experience a lot together. We travel together to the field, celebrate birthdays and beautiful moments, drink coffee and tea together… If you work passionately for a good cause, you quickly make friends. Meet our team.

You were not able to find the job you are looking for?

Perhaps you could support Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Belgium in a different way.