Burundi’s high population density limits the area available for cultivation, and therefore the amount of food produced. In rural areas, children often suffer from malnutrition, sometimes eating only one or two small meals a day. Intensive farming reduces the fertility of the soil, making manure very important for agriculture. With few vets available, animals die prematurely. This means a loss of income, food and manure for farmers.


How we help

  • In the provinces of Ngozi and Kayanza, we distribute four goats to certain families and teach the livestock keepers how to look after them. We also teach them how to fertilise their fields with manure and compost.
  • We support the creation of “community solidarity chains”: our beneficiaries commit to helping other families in need by giving them, in turn, four goats.
  • We support the construction of vegetable gardens and train families in nutrition, hygiene and health.
  • In Gitega province, we are boosting milk production among livestock keepers by providing them with training, improving their facilities and integrating them into milk sales networks.
  • In Makamba province, we are helping poultry farmers to become entrepreneurs by giving them access to finance and training. We advise them on breeding techniques for their farms.
  • In all these provinces, we are developing a network of community animal health workers. With their kit of veterinary equipment and medicines, they can treat the animals, prevent certain diseases and avoid premature deaths in the herds.

Access to credit

We help small farmers to obtain credit so that they can engage in various income-generating activities related to livestock.

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Modern poultry farming

We promote modern poultry farming techniques to better meet the needs of farmers and the constraints of the local context.

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Local partner

Unissons nos forces pour la Coopération et le développement-Appui au Monde Rural (UCODE-AMR) is helping to combat poverty among livestock keepers and farmers in the provinces of Ngozi, Kayanza Gitega and Makamba.


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Country representative Burundi (Ngozi)

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