Figures & impact

Do you ever wonder what Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Belgium does with your donation? We attach great importance to transparency. We are happy to honestly explain how we spend the money you donate. And what the positive impact of your contribution is.


The impact of your donation

With your support, deprived but entrepreneurial livestock farmers in Africa can themselves overcome poverty. Thanks to animals, training, materials and animal healthcare, they can provide enough food for themselves and for the market.


In 2023, our local private veterinarians and community animal health workers vaccinated no less than 13.3 million animals.

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we accompanied
animal health workers & veterinary assistants
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private veterinarians

Financial data

In 2022 we recorded 14.1 million euros in revenue. We invested this money in a better life for African livestock farmers and veterinarians.

Private donations and legacies accounted for 1.3 million euros or 9% of our total revenue. These donations are essential to receive grants from governments and institutions.

Subsidies took care of 89% of our total revenue.

We sent 11.9 million euros or 84% of our revenue to the field.

We used 3% of our revenue for development education,and awareness raising in Belgium.

Almost 12% of our revenue went to staff, information and fundraising at our headquarters. These are essential expenses for performing our mission.

> Have a look at our financial report for 2022 for more figures. 



1.3 million euros private donations
Grants from governments and institutions
11.9 million euros went to the field
Expenditures for development education and awareness raising
3 %
Expenditures for staff, information and fundraising

Ethical fundraising

Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Belgium respects donors and their privacy. We raise funds in an ethical and efficient manner, are financially transparent and provide information about what happens to the money we raised.

The Belgian association Ethical Fundraising checks every year whether we ethically deal with donors and their donations. The Belgian government also checks regularly how we spent our money and whether we can issue tax certificates. Rest assured, we are allowed to do so. As a donor living in Belgium, you receive a tax certificate for donations starting from 40 euros on an annual basis. A token of confidence, even if we say so ourselves.

Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Belgium endorses the ethics code of the association Ethical Fundraising. You have a right to information. This means that donors, volunteers and employees are at least annually informed of what has been done with the acquired funds.

Financial partners

Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Belgium receives support from various local, regional, national and international financial partners. You can find the most important ones here.

Did you know that the impact of your donation is even greater?

With your support, we address poverty at the root. By giving a helping hand, farmers can improve their own situation. But it goes further than that. Your donation has a real snowball effect.

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