What we do

Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Belgium helps livestock keepers in nine African countries to build a better future. That future begins with healthy animals. But we do more than just vaccinating and taking care of herds. We help the population to improve their livestock farming and everything that is connected to it. From microcredits, sales, water and pasture management to training, agricultural equipment, emergency aid, peace negotiations and advocacy.



In Benin, we are starting a programme to improve animal health services. We want to strengthen the existing offer and improve cross-border consultation. We also plan to work on mapping natural resources.

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Burkina Faso

Many Malian refugees live in camps in the north of Burkina Faso. To prevent malnutrition, we ensure that there is enough milk for their children. We do this by improving local milk production.

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North of Bamako we focus heavily on local poultry farming, run by women. By improving animal health, breeding techniques and sales, women get more eggs and income from their chickens.

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Back in Mauritania, we want to improve the services and infrastructure available to pastoralists in Willaya de l’Assaba, in the south-east of the country. We also plan to restore pastoral areas to better serve the herders and their flocks.

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For more than ten years, we are working to improve access to animal healthcare in the Nigerian countryside. We help private veterinarians and train community animal health workers. When the herds are healthy, the people are too.

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In Ngozi, we donate goats and a vegetable garden to poor families. We teach them how to overcome malnutrition by eating varied foods. Animal manure increases harvest on the field and there is money for the mutuality.

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DR Congo

In North Kivu, rabbits steal the show. They reproduce quickly and provide important income and nutritious meat. We therefore donate these animals to disadvantaged families, which in turn pass on the offspring to other families in need.

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In Karamoja, a dry and poor region in northern Uganda, we donate Kenyan goats. They are larger than the local goats and produce more milk. We build better goat shelters so that the animals do not suffer from rain and mud at night.

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In one of the poorest region of Rwanda, we install biogas plants for small dairy farmers. The cow manure provides gas for cooking. This way, families do not have to cut firewood, a win-win situation for farmers and the environment.

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Everyone lives from livestock keeping

In the areas where we work, almost everyone depends on livestock farming. We help poor farming families that are suffering from hunger, drought, floods and conflicts. We do this together with ten local partner organizations.

Activity report

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Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Belgium strongly focuses on global solidarity and the exchange of expertise. We work with journalists, students, livestock farmers and veterinarians. We inform and raise awareness around sustainable food production and consumption. We organize exchange trips, lectures and debates. We help politicians worldwide to adapt their international policies to the needs of African family livestock farmers.

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What we achieve, thanks to your support

With your support, deprived but entrepreneurial livestock farmers in Africa can themselves overcome poverty. Thanks to animals, training, materials and animal health care, they can provide enough food for themselves and for the market. But the impact of your donation is even greater

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