You want to donate? That is great! Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Belgium would not be able to do its work if it were not for you. With your donation, we can help families with poultry and goats, vaccines and training.


Support our vaccination campaign

In DR Congo, a disease is threatening herds of cows. Help livestock families keep their animals healthy.


Donate veterinary material

Provide animal health workers with the tools they need to do their job: keep the livestock of their community healthy.


Give an animal to a family

Giving chickens or a goat to an African family means helping them build a sustainable future, away from poverty.


Vaccinate a livestock herd

Help our community animal health workers vaccinate a herd of goats or cows, source
of income for a whole


Give a family a helping hand

Give a helping hand to a family of livestock keepers. Make a monthly donation & help them keep their animals healthy.


Support Lotte’s walking campaign against rabies

Lotte Stikvoort, a 5th-year veterinary medicine student, is doing a walkathon to raise money for our rabies vaccination campaign in Rwanda.
Do you want to help? With just €3 per vaccine, you can vaccinate a dog.


Donate with confidence

Our accounts are accessible and readable at any time on the independent and transparent platform of Donorinfo. You can find our financial data on their website, analysed by independent experts and written in a clear and understandable manner.

Ethical fundraising

Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Belgium adheres to the ethical code of The Belgian association Ethical Fundraising.
We inform our donors, volunteers and employees at least once a year about the use of the raised funds.

“Direct and immediate impact”

I support Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Belgium because it is an organisation that tackles the roots of poverty. My financial support goes as much as possible to the field and has a direct and immediate impact.

Paul V. from Poperinge

Do you have a question about your donation?

Joke Daelemans

Joke Daelemans
Philanthropy Advisor

45% tax deduction

For donations of 40 euros or more per year, you will automatically receive a tax certificate. This will enable you to deduct part of your donation from your taxes in Belgium. The tax reduction for donations to approved institutions such as ours is 45%. So your donation of 40 euros will actually only cost you 22 euros.

100% secure and confidential

We think privacy and safety are important. Your payment is processed via a secure server. We will not pass on your information given online to third parties. Four times a year, you will receive more information about our activities by mail. And in the spring, you will receive your tax certificate.

Your donation matters!

Find out how your help sustainably improves the life of families.

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