Democratic Republic of Congo

Despite its natural resources and agricultural potential, the Democratic Republic of Congo has major food insecurity. Many villages in the east of the country live in extreme poverty and have been torn apart by the violence of armed conflict for almost 30 years. During periods of unrest, livestock is often the first target of looting and the population is regularly forced to flee. Of course, that does not help to create a flourishing agriculture.


How we help

  • We improve access to veterinary care by helping private vets establish themselves in remote areas in South Kivu and Tanganyika.
  • To support them, we train animal health workers from livestock communities. We teach them basic techniques to prevent and cure livestock diseases.
  • Around Kahuzi-Biega National Park (South Kivu), we prevent the spread of zoonoses by strengthening the animal health system. We also help local residents and indigenous peoples to raise goats as an alternative to poaching and logging.
  • We establish feedlots so that dairy cows have continuous access to rich feed and produce more milk.
  • We facilitate the processing and sale of local milk. We provide smaller dairies with equipment to check quality and store milk. We also set up a network of milk collectors and sellers.
  • We contribute to the genetic improvement of local cow breeds through artificial insemination and the introduction of improved bulls and heifers.
  • We provide assistance to communities and livestock displaced by armed conflict and inter-community conflict. To help them rebuild, we provide financial support, veterinary care and support for the development of income-generating activities (livestock and small-scale trade).
  • We provide psychological and legal support to victims of gender-based violence.

Animal health

We help private veterinarians and technicians to set up their practices in rural areas, close to the farmers.

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Local partner

Association Paysanne pour le Développement Intégré au Sud-Kivu (APDIK): accompanies 32 cooperatives in South-Kivu in the professional development of agricultural producers. They focus on entrepreneurship, environment and gender.

Action pour les Femmes et Enfants Marginalisés (AFEMA) is a Congolese women’s organisation active in the fields of psychosocial care for victims of sexual or gender-based violence, child protection and entrepreneurship for young people and women.


Issa Ilou
Country representative DRC (Bukavu)

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