Pastoralism, a resilient system nonetheless under threat in Burkina Faso


What are the main challenges faced by pastoralist livestock keepers in Burkina Faso? When Hamado Ouedraogo, our country director based in Ouagadougou, visited Belgium, we took the opportunity to find out more. Of course we also talked about the solutions we are putting in place and our demands for the International Year of Rangelands and Pastoralists planned for 2026.

“Pastoralism is the best way for people to meet their needs in Karamoja”


In north-eastern Uganda, Karamojong pastoralists have been going through a difficult period since last summer. Drought combined with the impact of the war in Ukraine and insecurity has taken its toll on the most vulnerable. For our colleague Emmanuel Emaruk, pastoralism remains the best response to the challenges faced in Karamoja.

The Maasai Life in Tanzania


In this 13-minute video, two young Maasai tell us about how their community’s lifestyle is under pressure, particularly due to climate change. Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Belgium helps them find solutions.