Rwanda is one of the most densely populated country in Africa. Farmers therefore suffer from a great shortage of agricultural land: the vast majority of Rwandan farmers has less than half a hectare of land to cultivate. Meanwhile, the population continues to grow. The sluggish productivity of the livestock sector is due to a lack of water and feed for the animals, but also to diseases and inbreeding.


How we help

  • In Rwanda we promote renewable energy by building biogas plants at small dairy farmers. With the help of biogas, families spend less money on firewood or charcoal and help reducing deforestation.
  • We also provide goats and fodder crops and give training to disadvantaged families.
  • We support local microcredit institutions. These ensure that poor families can get loans and sustainably increase their income. Families that receive microcredit invest that money especially in the purchase and sale of basic products. With this trade they can build an extra income.
  • Through the cultivation of vegetable gardens, we bring variety to the diet of the Rwandan population and fight against malnutrition in children.

Local partner

IMBARAGA: defends the socio-economic interests of farmers in Rwanda. Through awareness raising and professionalization, the organization aims to provide farmers with sufficient knowledge to work independently and autonomously.


Martin Steel
Country representative Rwanda (Butare)

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