How we work

With your support, deprived but entrepreneurial cattle farmers in Africa can themselves overcome poverty. Thanks to animals, training, materials and animal health care, they can provide enough food for themselves and for the market.


With your support…

  • farmers receive training, animals and materials
  • we educate farmers to community animal health workers
  • we support private veterinarians with training, materials and loans

This results in…

  • income and food
  • manure and fertile fields
  • a better environment
  • healthy animals and people
  • a better position for women
  • more cooperation within the village

Farmers pass on animals and knowledge. Community animal health workers and private veterinarians keep the cattle healthy. Your donation helps an entire village.

  • Farmers pull themselves out of poverty

    Many African farmers live in poverty. They cannot read or write, struggle with health problems, they do not always know how to improve the production of their fields and livestock, their children are malnourished… With a helping hand they can get out of this vicious circle.

  • Healthy animals, healthy people, healthy planet

    Healthy animals provide much healthy food such as milk, meat or eggs. That is essential for growing children. But livestock also gives fertile manure and pulling power, sorely needed for a good harvest and the environment. In addition animals form a nest egg, insurance and pension. They can be sold in case of emergency, for example to pay a doctor or medications.

  • Livestock gives a voice to women

    The clothes make the man? No, here the animals make the man or woman. Livestock is so important in the African countryside that it makes or breaks one’s position within the village. Therefore, we mainly give animals to women so that they get more self-esteem and also more respect in the village. Because, while they do almost all of the work on the field and in the household, men do not much take into account what they think. By donating animals to women, they bloom open to self-confident and successful business women.

  • Animal health care reaching the farmer

    Of course, the livestock must remain healthy; otherwise it is a waste of time and effort. That is why community animal health workers and private veterinarians monitor the health of the herds day and night. They provide affordable services, live close to the farmers and help them with knowledge.

  • Snowball effect

    But it does not stop here. Farmers pass on animals and knowledge to other farmers. They are an example for other disadvantaged families. They not only give them hope for a better future, but also help them get there. This strengthens cooperation and solidarity within a village. And all thanks to your donation!

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Local partners

Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Belgium believes in the power and initiatives of people in the South. That is why we work in the field together with local organizations, governments, veterinarians and farmers. They help us in fulfilling our mission, while at the same time reinforcing their own knowledge, capacities and autonomy. Thus, we are building a better world in a sustainable way.