Help as a company

Do you want to support us as a company? That’s possible! You save lives and give the good example to your customers and employees. You bring the farming craft, the profession of veterinarian and the day-to-day reality in Africa closer to your work. And you get a tax certificate in Belgium.

I donate with my company


How you can help as a company

  • Organize a commercial action or team building activity and transfer (part of) the proceeds to Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Belgium.
  • Offer free expertise (marketing, legal or financial expertise, translations, logistics…)
  • Offer free visibility through your website, magazine, newsletter…
  • Propose a donation as an end-of-year gift.

Contact us

Are you brimming over with ideas? Do you want to support a specific project? Please let us know. Then we will design a tailor-made partnership.

Jyoti Degroote

Jyoti Degroote
Philanthropy Advisor