With over 37 million cattle, Niger is undoubtedly a country of livestock keepers. However, veterinary care in rural areas is often inadequate. Repeated droughts lead to chronic shortages of grain and animal feed, which causes food crises. As a result, livestock keepers are constantly having to adapt to the unpredictable climate. In addition, insecurity caused by the presence of non-state armed groups is leading to major population movements across the country. These internally displaced people leave behind their means of subsistence, particularly their livestock.


How we help

  • To improve access to veterinary care, we are setting up local private veterinary services. These services are provided by a private veterinarian and several community animal health workers.
  • We are installing modern information and communication tools, such as our mobile information system for transhumant livestock keepers. Using their mobile phones, livestock keepers can receive answers to questions such as “Where can I find a vet? or “What is the state of the pastures? It is the livestock keepers, vets and community animal health workers themselves who feed the system with first-hand information.
  • In urban areas, we support every link in the milk marketing chain. As a result, the people of Niger can enjoy quality-controlled local dairy products, and are no longer forced to buy imported milk powder.
  • We help young people and women to develop income-generating activities and micro-businesses linked to livestock farming.
  • We provide humanitarian assistance to people affected by the effects of conflict and climate change. We help the most vulnerable to rebuild their livelihoods based on livestock farming.

Services for transhumant livestock keepers

We have set up an information system for transhumant livestock keepers to provide them with regular and essential information to facilitate their work and mobility in the Sahel.


Food aid

In the context of insecurity in the Sahel, we provide food aid to internally displaced people and their host families in the period between harvests.

Factsheet (in French)

Local partners

NGO DIKO: NGO promoting social justice, fighting inequality and respecting human rights.

NGO GAJEL Sudu Baba: cultural action group for the promotion and development of young livestock farmers.


Issaka Dan Dano
Country representative Niger (Niamey)

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