The Maasai Life in Tanzania


Lekokoyo and Pendo are two young Maasai. Every day, they travel through the large stretches of land in Northern Tanzania: Lekokoyo to graze and water the family herd of cows, and Pendo to fetch water for the family needs. But their Maasai lifestyle is increasingly under pressure, particularly due to climate change.

This movie was realized by Iles de Paix, as part of the Maisha Bora project.

Ten local and five international organisations, among which Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Belgium, help the Maasai find solutions thanks to a multi-annual development program called Maisha Bora, financed by the Belgian government. This program aims to improve food security for vulnerables families among Maasai livestock keepers in the districts of Simanjiro and Longido in Northern Tanzania, by investing in livestock, access to water, entrepreneurship and food.