ZAK’s growth


ZAK’s growth

Here I am again! And I’ve grown even more since we first met… I, ZAK, will soon be ready to be put to work. My developer has assured me that I have now reached 85% of my full adult height.

However, I’ll only be a simple DVD. I’ll of course be gifted with a good brain, but still useless if I’m not fed with reliable zootechnical data from livestock breeding! And there’s the rub… How can we obtain good quality information from traditional breeding farms, since the owners are mostly illiterate and don’t record any occurrences on their farms in writing?


Luckily, my inventor has developed a method for collecting data, which he has been improving over the course of several years. It allows us to obtain reliable data on the numbers and demographic shifts of a herd during the four trimesters preceding the survey. This method, which uses various different collection tools, must be followed very strictly, however. That’s why my inventor is right now producing a little instruction manual and a guide intended for the researchers responsible for collecting the data.


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