ZAK is almost fit for service


Almost fit for service

This time, I’m completely ready! And my trusty sidekicks are as well. They’re called:

  • “Methodology” for the monitoring and aftercare of ZAK zootechnology,
  • “Guide” for researchers,
  • And of course, “Manual” for using ZAK software, so that my future users can use me to 100% of my capabilities.

Naturally, like all tools, we have to undergo tests in the field to check that everything is in order and that we’re fit for service… A sort of ‘crash test’. Or rather, an ‘anti-crash test’!

An array of four tests are anticipated over the next two months, three of which will be carried out in West Africa (specifically, Niger and Burkina Faso) and one in East Africa (Kenya).

My developer predicts, despite all the care that’s been taken over me, that there will be some more little adjustments and fine-tuning to be done following these tests.

The first of these tests is planned for the 1st of April – no, I’m not trying to fool you! It will take place in Burkina Faso along with two partner organisations: a Zébu AZAWAK development project (put into action by the Ministry responsible for farming and Coopération Luxembourgeoise) and the decentralised services of the Ministry of Farming.

Wish me luck!


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