“This journey changed us”

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Before leaving for this adventure to Rwanda, what was your state of mind?

Before leaving, I was curious to discover the country, the activities, the culture,… I was impatient also, even though I did not yet fully comprehend that I had the chance to go to Rwanda!

What is your best memory of the stay?

It is difficult to choose… there is so much! Let’s say that if I were to recall only one thing foremost, it is the warm welcome that we got. Both from the members of Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Belgium and the beneficiaries, they were all smiling at us, they always seemed genuinely pleased to see us.

Do you think that this exchange trip changed your vision or your attitude on certain points? How?

There is no doubt that such a journey has changed us. First of all, I think that I will relativize even more when I’m confronted with a problem. As a result, I will approach others more easily. I will be more open. Finally, while I was there, I saw that no one ever complains, that everyone works hard and helps each other. I think that unconsciously, we all will strive to adopt this approach ourselves.

If there is a word today for you, Rwanda is what?

Rwanda? It is staggering.

Pauline, 16 years old