Last day in Butare

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For dehorning, Nathan volunteers to hold the calf (with all his strength) and is accompanied by 4 Rwandans. He confesses that the local procedure is somewhat unsettling… After this, we meet beneficiaries of the Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Belgium projects, who give us a tangible image of the NGO’s actions. The majority of these beneficiaries live (or rather survive) with a large family on small land holdings of hardly a half-hectare. The contribution of small animal breeding is therefore very important to them, especially for the production of manure that makes it possible to increase vegetable production.

After having dined together, we leave in the 4×4 in the direction of Kigali. Once arrived, we put our best clothes as we are expected at the home of the Belgian ambassador! There, we can exchange a few words with students of the Emile Gryzon Institute (from the Belgian town of Anderlecht) who finished their stay in Rwanda with another Belgian NGO called Entraide et  Fraternité. While waiting for the Belgian minister of development cooperation, Jean-Pascal Labille, as well as the ambassador, we are interviewed and find that the charm of Pauline has struck again. In fact, the journalist poses at her side for a small photograph to be kept as a souvenir… Several speeches and pastries later, we leave the embassy to find all of us gathered around a delicious pizza.

Now, time for bed!

Until tomorrow, young Belgians!

Text written by Nathan and Valentine