Get 60% of your donations back in 2020!


Good news for institutions which, like Vétérinaires Sans Frontières, are authorised to issue tax certificates: the Belgian government has decided to increase the tax deduction for donations made in 2020. This will rise from 45% to 60%. An incentive to give more support to non-profit organisations and NGOs, whose activities have not been spared by the coronavirus crisis.

A more attractive tax advantage

For a total amount of 40 euros or more, your donations in 2020 will therefore be 60% tax deductible (instead of the usual 45%). For example, by making a donation of 40 euros, you are in fact paying only 16 euros.

At the same time, the ceiling on the tax reduction for gifts was also reviewed. Previously set at 10%, it has been raised to 20% of net taxable income.

A welcome boost

This decision is like a breath of fresh air. Since the start of the coronavirus crisis a few months ago, some of our activities have been idling, mainly due to the lockdown.

We have put in place the necessary measures in Brussels and on the field, and our teams continue to carry out our mission as best they can. However, the future remains uncertain, and we need support more than ever to get through this period.

Make a donation

To support livestock keepers and their herds in Africa, make a donation to our account BE73-7326-1900-6460 or click here to donate online.