Building a kitchen garden

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Today we split the group in half, 8 young musungu (whites) went in the direction of Nyanza and 8 others (us) headed for Huye. Only friendly names in Rwanda!

Mission of the day: help to construct a “kitchen garden”. How can we explain this to you? In fact, it isn’t complicated; we will assemble a brick circle of more or less 3,5 metres in circumference, which will be used as a family kitchen garden. Well, actually it is a little more complicated than that! But it would be better to come and see, of course.

We arrived at the home of Odette, a beneficiary of Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Belgium, who is the head of a family of 6 children. The construction being very well on its way, we had the occasion to get our hands dirty… actually, rather muddy. And all of this in front of a large audience of small Rwandan children laughing at our masonry performances…


Once the first cabbages were planted and we had visited the rabbit pens, we took to the car again (a swarm of children in pursuit) and headed in the direction of a small corner of forest for the picnic. A true delicacy: there are avocados, bananas, vitamin A (butter/margarine), delicious bread, and even cheese.

For our part, the afternoon was very relaxed with a visit to a center for handicapped people that Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Belgium helped by providing them with hens and rabbits. Finally there was a little time for purchasing some souvenirs and now it’s relaxation time under the famous banana tree!

More to follow…

Text written by Lyam and Corentin