“An experience that leaves food for thought”

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It is in good spirits and in the rain that we visit Imbaraga – partner of Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Belgium – for the restitution of the mission. We are very well received. We then realize that we forgot the teachers at the hotel… The speeches of Miss Beauraind and Désiré are very moving and they show that the end of the journey is near.

We then return to dine at the hotel before setting out again for the Genocide Memorial Center. We are very far from imagining what awaits us there… We start the visit on the outside, which seems to us very acceptable with its very large gardens. Inside, something totally different awaits us… In fact, it’s mostly incomprehension and questioning which we feel when facing this reality, this violence, these recent events that have marked the history of Rwanda forever. We all arise deeply shocked by the horror and this experience that leaves us with real “food for thought”.

Returning at once to the hotel, some of us, as well as our two professors, set out again to the home of Nicolas, who will accompany us tomorrow to Akagera. He cordially welcomes us in his residence. We spend part of the evening together, outdoors, with some local beer or a soft drink. The end of the evening finds us in a very chic restaurant within sight of Kigali where the food is really delicious. After a week of picnics, please allow us this one exception, if only to release all our emotions from the day. Tomorrow it is time for a trip to Akagera Park, which promises to be enjoyable! 

Text written by Alexandra