ZAK: crash test in Niger


Well, here I am again, alive and well! I passed my second « crash test » in the warm ambience of Niger. I was examined and evaluated by 10 livestock specialists working for 4 different and notable organizations:

  • Karkara NGO, one of Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Belgium’s main local partners for various projects in Niger
  • CESAO-PRN, another important local partner for Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Belgium in Niger
  • Statistics Department of the Ministry of Livestock in Niger
  • Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Belgium

To test me, they had me do a 4-day tour in the Dosso region, 140 km from Niamey.

I survived and, after having been tested under different angles, I received an overall score of 90%, which serves as more motivation.  The field surveys were carried out successfully thanks to the quality of the surveys used and the understanding of the game by the majority of the livestock farmers. For that, I received a score of 83%. The software – including its presentation, utility and user friendliness – was appreciated and received a score of 92%.


Verification of eligibility criteria during a survey in Boboye


Survey of a bovine livestock farmer in Boboye

Overall, feedback from the test participants was very encouraging and showed that I am useful for their structure, evidenced by the fact that they gave me a score of 95%.

I continue to remain humble and await my last “crash test” in East Africa.

On that note, goodbye and until next time!


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